The TAG Cyber portal is where security meets convenience.

Our two main offerings come in the form of the Cyber Corps subscription and the Research subscription.

For small and micro businesses, the Cyber Corps subscription serves as a first step in your security posture. Today, small businesses are built upon a number of cloud services rather than a traditional enterprise network. This subscription is designed with that in mind, providing you with a set of information aimed directly at what makes up your business at an extremely affordable cost.

For larger enterprise organizations, the Cyber Corps subscription contains an offering designed to keep your network of vendors accountable. Large organizations are often supported by countless small businesses who may not have the infrastructure in place to do proper security. With this offering, it becomes easier to keep track of what services your support network is using as well as enforce a baseline level of security.

For those interested in our research and advisory services, the Research subscription offers unparalleled access to our analyst team. They work with countless security vendors and teams every day, and through this work, have incredible insight into the industry. Taking on various forms, this insight is what makes up the content in our portal. Whether you are interested in making acquisitions or better understanding the industry, this subscription will be an invaluable resource.

Cyber Corps

The Cyber Corps subscription is designed to provide a "monthly check-up" for small and micro-businesses with little or no IT support for security protection. This includes individual proprietors, partnerships, micro-businesses, and small businesses with modest IT budgets.

In order to set up your subscription, you will be asked to provide a list of cloud services that you use in your organization. Additionally, you can provide a set of URLs that are relevant to you. Included in the monthly check up will be research on each of these cloud services as well as security information relevant to your domains.

For Enterprises who wish to use Cyber Corps in their vendor support network, customers will have access to metrics generated from the groups who sign up under their reference code. This information includes visibility into the types of cloud services being used and much more.

The Cyber Corps subscription is supported by a number of college students. These students are managed and trained by our team internally at TAG Cyber and operate under the supervision of a university representative from their respective institution.

A large part of the inspiration behind the Cyber Corps program was to introduce a way for college students to get involved with cyber security immediately. Not only does this method of compiling research help train a new generation of practitioners and experts, but it helps keep the service at an affordable cost to small businesses.


The Research subscription is populated with information directly from our experts internally at TAG Cyber. Our analyst team has more than a century of combined experience in the industry, both in the public and private sector.

The star or this subscription is our 54 Market Reports. Updated weekly, these reports come directly from the top of our advisory department. You will find no singular source of research that gives you more value for what you spend.

Additionally, with this subscription you will have access to our Vendor Database which includes thousands of vendors organized into an easily accessible format. If you are looking for more information about a vendor in our database (or not yet in our database) you can requisition a SWOT analysis from our analyst team.

Finally, our advisory team speaks with countless security vendors every week and sometimes identifies a particular group as particularly noteworthy. For these vendors, a write up is provided completely free of charge at the discretion of our analysts, and made available to you through the Research subscription.

Cyber Services

All portal subscriptions include baseline services such as periodic security tips, news blog posts, and more. Each subscription additionally includes specific services only available through that respective offering.

If you have questions about any of our subscriptions, what they offer, or how the TAG Cyber portal can work best for you, please contact us at